Tourist Attractions in Leon, Guanajuato

Known as the shoe World’s capital it’s one of the most important historical cities in the center of the country, a great diversity of places were strategic places in the times of Mexico independence, therefore many of the buildings are tourist attractions. The majestic cathedral, where the Virgin is worshipped, it’s one more representative place by the Leon locals. Additionally there is the tourist Archaeological Zone of Ibarrilla.

Recreational Places

The tourists that travel to Leon city can visit interesting and modern sites for recreation. Nearby the hotel there are the Plazuelas, a site that opened in April of 2007 and the Cultural Center of Guanajuato. Three parks for the family are the Zoo park of Leon, the Parque Explora and the Metropolitan Park.

Leon Poliforum

It’s the biggest exhibit center of Latin America, an enormous space always crowded with the most traditional and new events. The National Fair of Leon takes place there, a popular festivity very well known in the whole country; congresses, exhibits, presentations of all kinds, academic, cultural as well as concerts of international artists; likewise, this enclosure has been proud venue of events of international scale such as SAPICA, ANPIC, W2C world and Rally Champion.

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